Signature Bars offer a full range of hospitality staff to accommodate your event needs. Our team of staff are all internally trained to the highest standards to provide you with supreme service. The personnel we recruit are the personnel we use internally and all are trained to our service standards. There is a minimum duration for staff hire, and travel fees may apply. Listed below are the team of staff available for recruitment.

Bar Managers
Will precisely manage stock and will actively supervise the running of the bar.

Service Bartender
Serve drinks swiftly and professionally.

Cocktail bartenders
These bartenders are highly trained to service your events. They can handle all types of cocktails and all other types of beverages too. They will run your bar for you and look after your guests with professionalism & a smile.

These are the most experienced of cocktail bartenders usually with 4+ years of experience. They can walk into any bar and start whipping up beautiful drinks based on the stock that you have. True bar professionals that are suitable for high end events and for those who want their event to stand out.

Flair bartenders
Tom Cruise watch out – our flair bartenders add the wow factor to your event, throwing bottles around in all directions and serving beautiful drinks. All professionally ranked bartenders these guys turn heads everywhere they go.


Suitable for serving food or drinks our waiters can be an excellent addition the package you have already booked with us or can operate separately. This option allows for personal service to guests no matter where they may be hiding at your event.

Hosts / Hostesses
Trained to ensure 100% satisfaction from all your guests.

Promotional Staff
Looking for that perfect look for your event? After trained representatives who promote and boost your brand? Then enquire now about our specialty staff.

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